A Pocketful of Stardust

So, today I thought I'd just give you some background as to who I am and why I started A Pocketful of Stardust. 

This is my story.

I had my first child in 2000, my second in 2009. It was a big gap but we can't control everything in life. It's just the way it is. Sometimes good things take a long time to arrive. I love my children.

I decided from the get-go that I wanted to stay at home and look after my kids. We were lucky I could. But sacrifices were made. This was my choice and my husband's choice. We were happy. We still are happy.

Then around five years ago, I became unwell. Lots of unexplained symptoms; fatigue, pain and a general feeling of not being "right." In March 2017 I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

It hit me hard at first. This is a condition that can't be cured. That some people don't even believe exists. 

I decided quite early on that this condition is NOT going to beat me.

And it hasn't.

My kids are growing older now and don't need me as much so I wanted to do something. I wanted to work. Do my own thing. For me.

But how? When I'm always in pain? When I'm too tired some days to hold down a normal job? What employer would even put up with me?

I thought, fuck it, I'm not dead yet. What can I do? 

Let's think out of the box.

It just so happened this occurred at the time I was dabbling with resin (thank you Pinterest for introducing me!) and the rest is history.

I've always been creative and I found that I was actually quite good at it. Although, looking back, I wasn't at first. But practice makes perfect, as they say. 

I'd heard about Etsy before and I thought, bugger it, I'm going to have a go at that. I'm going to open a shop. And here I am!

It's not all plain sailing and some days are really quite steep learning curves, but I love what I do. I love making things. And I love being on my own, in my own headspace creating jewellery and art. To steal from Faithless, "this is where I heal my hurt."

This is A Pocketful of Stardust. A place where madness and beauty meet. A place where fantasy and magic resides. A place of darkness and light.

And I'm Angela, part bonkers, part broken. 

Nice to meet you :)


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